Anne Vosburgh

CSR, RPR, CRR                     
Freelance Realtime Reporter  
- Based in Michigan -               

Talented, credentialed, high-end realtime reporter.


  • Realtime at 99.7 percent accuracy.
  • Equipped with 20+ realtime tablets.
  • Produce spotless rough drafts within minutes. 
  • Turn out flawless same-day, next-day, and expedited finals. 
  • Possess an upbeat and flexible demeanor in demanding circumstances.


  • Certified realtime reporter with 18 years of experience.
  • Extensive involvement in high-end litigation including patent, antitrust, government, and high-profile business disputes.
  • Former successful agency owner, well-versed in the necessity of providing excellent service together with a great attitude.
  • Multilingual and travel savvy, with experience living abroad.


U.S./Japan Automotive Parts - Complex antitrust 

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Patent litigation 

New York –Benzene litigation 

Michigan – Ford product liability litigation

D.C. - U.S. DOJ false claims litigation 

Washington – Antitrust litigation 

North Carolina – Asbestos litigation 

Michigan – Fiat/Chrysler - product liability

California – Consumer class action litigation 

Indiana – Medical malpractice litigation 

Maryland – Software patent litigation 

D.C. – Hybrid engine patent litigation 

Virginia – Blood product patent litigation 

Michigan/D.C./Colorado – Burke Ramsey v. CBS

Ohio – Automotive patent litigation

Michigan – Automotive patent litigation 

D.C. – Software patent litigation 

Michigan – product liability litigation 

California – Ponzi scheme/securities litigation 

Michigan – Tesla Motors, Inc. vs. State of MI
Seattle/Portland - Antitrust, automotive parts

Germany - Automotive patent

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